Welcoming in the new dawn,

Heralds with it a new opportunity to rise.

YOU get to choose your future, and that starts with choosing your today’s.

You can choose to fall again and again and again,


You can choose to R I S E

Today you can choose to follow the same old pattern as yesterday,

You can choose to do everything else for everyone else first (and then have no energy left for your business),

You can choose to tell yourself that you are tired today and that you will get to it tomorrow,

You can choose to believe that there is time to do all that success stuff later, that there will time for your dreams when your kids are grown, when you move house, when you are more settled.

But let me tell you, that day never comes. You wake up one day and realize that life has passed you by, that you have been living in a fog and ignoring all the signs leading you to your best life.

However, it is never to late. You can start right now.

And as luck would have it we are entering a new era, an era where Leaders of the Light (you, the ones here to do good in the world and change shit up) will rise to the top.

But you gotta choose to get on the train darling, you have to manage your days if you want your weeks to feel friggin amazeballs, you have to shape the structure of your weeks if you want your months to be on fire. You have to plan your months if you want your year to be the best ever yet.

Success is NOT an accident. Success comes to those who make room for it.

And one of the most powerful ways to make room for your dreams to come true and to shape your life into an amazing creation where everything you wants comes to you with ease and flow is to harness universal energy and then layer focus and structure over that.

There is a reason I bought my dream house with 360 degree views other than to feel like a queen of the kingdom, it offers up pure unadulterated magical energy in the mornings.

The inspiration here is breath taking, the power you can feel emanating from the land, the water, the trees, from the heavens even, provides the energy that I need to show up and be all powerful for my clients. And the reason for this, is that energy matters.


Let’s say one more time, just for fun — energy fucking matters.

The energy that you have access to is infinite, but not everyone knows how to tap into that.

That is one of the most powerful things I do for my clients, show them how to tap into that infinite power. There is little point in thinking that you just don’t have the capacity for those massive power surges and all that fun that you see others basking in, you can have it too, it is yours for the taking.

When, and I say when not if, you tap into that energy your life will roll out with ease and flow.

I know you hear me bang on about ease and flow all day long, and that is because this is the golden kingdom. You don’t HAVE to do this or that, it just rolls, you get shiz done at double speed, your focus is super sharp, and you feel like you are on fire. Not literally, metaphorically, but maybe why not burning up with passion and fire in your physical being too, sounds like fun to me.

Don’t put off your best life, start now.

Take action.

Here is my suggestion for your learning today: Answer these questions in your journal

1. What is the one thing that you do in your business that is already in ease and flow?

2. And how can you do MORE of that?

3. –What in your life and/or business is not flowing? And why, what is the real reason, dig deep…

4. And then how can you minimize, eliminate, or change that effect on your life and business?

5. When do you feel most energized?

6. How can you bring that element into your business day and harness its goodness to power you forward?

7. What would you REALLY like to be doing in your business in the future?

8. And what are the first three baby steps towards that?


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Michelle Clarke

Michelle Clarke

Hey there, I live in beautiful NZ on a farm with my horses & dogs, hubby & teenager. I am here to bust the BS and get women showing up bravely in business.