You are just too busy.

You fly around all day long with static buzzing in your ears, chaos raining down on you, and hustle permeating everything you do.

You are frantic, you are organized and get it done for sure, but you are also running at break-neck speed and it’s gotta stop.

You are not a wonder-women, you cannot fly from swim class to a client meeting in a single bound, you are a human here to do big things in the world who is also trying to balance an overloaded plate of ‘things to do’.

“Mum can I ….” says the kids
“Darling can you just….” says the hubby
“OMG the dog just…” says you
“Hey would you mind…” says the client
“You really should be doing…” says social media
“You are not good enough….” says your bs stories
“Hey, hey babe, remember those dreams, those aspirations…” says your heart

And this chatter drowns you, it overwhelms you, it sucks you under the surface only to pop you back out at the end of the time overwhelmed, tired and cranky. Your days are consumed with fighting fires and the demons in your own head.

There is just too much damn static, how are you supposed to hear your soul let alone take aligned action towards your goals when all this ‘stuff’ is in the way first.

Well, you gotta clear the plate a bit, make some space in your life so you can actually breathe and see the woods for the trees. Coaching obviously provides you with this space in a massive way (that’s why we get such good results and why you feel so amazing when you are in a coaching programme because we turn down the chaos so you can see clearly) but there are also things you CAN do at home too.

Here are my 3 top tips to turn down the static and chaos:

  1. Get up before everyone else in your house and journal or meditate — you will have more energy and a clear head despite having 30mins less sleep, trust me

You can’t continue to operate in chaos and achieve what you want to do in this world, it leads to exhaustion, you know this already.
You gotta create space so you can breathe, so you can think, so you can take purposeful action instead of fighting fires.

If you are ready to really get your life and business streamlined and pumping then coaching will get you there so much faster. Sure you could do it alone, I know you are capable of doing it, so really it is a matter of choice.
How much more money could you make if you were sorted now instead of in 6 months’ time?
How much better will you feel about your life if you get help to calm the chaos now instead of continuing on the path of burnout that you are on right now?
What are your dreams actually worth to you?
And what are you showing your kids by running on the hamster wheel and putting your dreams last/

Big questions I know.
What I want you to take away from this is the knowledge that things can be so much easier than what you have been led to believe. And the changes to do not need to be massive, you don’t need a complete life and business overhaul, just a few tweaks here and there strategically will have you living the life and running the business you see other people doing

If you really do want business success and a streamlined easy flow life then take a look at what coaching is all about by clicking the button below.

Together we shall rise,
Michelle Business Coach
“Come for the energy and stay for the results”



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Michelle Clarke

Michelle Clarke

Hey there, I live in beautiful NZ on a farm with my horses & dogs, hubby & teenager. I am here to bust the BS and get women showing up bravely in business.